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(Medical Technology,
M.Sc.(Microbiology,Chemistry) /

B.Sc. - Chemistry:

Chemistry is the science of matter which includes the study of range of matters. such as atom, crystals, molecular & many different collections of matters in isolation or combinations. Graduates with chemistry work as Chemists in various industries of Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals working as Analytical Chemist, Production Chemist, Quality Controller, Materials Technologist, Chemical Engineering Associate, Research & Development Manager in Ceramics, Food Processing, Plastics, Paper, Thread, Chemical & Pharma Industries.


B. Sc. - Microbiology:

Microbiology is the booming sector with the lot of career openings in public & private sector organizations in the fields of Medicine, Agriculture, Marine &  other Industries. The area of employment in government sector includes Laboratories, Hospitals, Pharmaceutical Sector, Food Industry, Beverage Units, and Chemical Industries. The Graduate with microbiology can work in specialized sectors as Bacteriologist, Industrial Microbiologist, Medical Microbiologists, Biotechnologist, Biomedical Scientist, Cell Biologists, Mycologist, Profozoologist, Parasitologist, Virologist, Immunologist, Industrial Microbiologist, Food Microbiologist in India as well as abroad.

B.Sc. - Medical Technology:

Medical Technologist are highly trained professional to work in hospitals & independent laboratories using sophisticated procedures & equipments as Technologist Technician, Laboratory Manager & Supervisor, Health Care Administrator, Laboratory Information System Analyst or Consultant etc.

There graduates have additional opportunities in molecular diagnostics, molecular biotechnology companies, in vitro fertilization laboratories as well as research lab in India &  abroad.

M.Sc. Microbiology:

Master degree with the subject of Microbiology enables one to establish their career as Medical Microbiologist, Public Health Microbiologist Bacteriologist, Agricultural Microbiologist, Industrial Microbiologist, Food Analyst, Mycologist, Profozoologist, Immunologist, Parasitologist, Biochemist, and Virologist in the industrial zone of Vapi to Tapi. Besides they can avail teaching positions in higher education, colleges &  universities or have opportunities in Ph.D. programme as well as post doctoral research with fellowship & continence grants offered by funding agencies like UGL, CSIR, ICMR, DST, DBT etc. Specialization as the subject can make them good entrepreneur as well. 

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